Career Day Tee: A Mothers’ Day Tribute

During my senior year at Agnes Scott College, the Career Center hosted a Halloween Career Costume Party.  The idea was to create a costume depicting yourself in your ideal career, with some humor and/or horror thrown in.

As an astrophysics and math major, I was tempted to dress as a mad professor with a lab coat, an Einstein-esque hairdo, and some soot from an apparent explosion.

But when I stopped to consider what my *ideal* future self would be doing, I had to drop the cliche and find a more creative way to reveal my inner dream:

Mom Jobs Tee ShirtClick image to view 1663×668 pixel version or follow link to the 3326×1336 pixel version.

I was surprised how many people didn’t understand the single career that encompassed the 26 jobs depicted on my tee:  Judge, Mediator, Photographer, Teacher, Doctor, Operator, Historian/Journalist, Farmer, Pastor, Artist, Accountant, Chauffeur, Hostess/Chef, Seamstress, Hair Stylist, Coach, Hygienist, Interior Decorator, Ms. Fix-It, Counselor, Vet, Scout Leader, Police Woman, Maid, Cheerleader, and Saleswoman.

I thought my dream career was obvious:  to become a Mom.

Sadly, that dream was never achieved.  The tee is packed away somewhere in the basement, all but forgotten until yesterday when I was sorting through some photos.

{ Hmmm … interesting costume … rather depressing … file with college pics … }

Today, as I thought about my Mom and the upcoming Mothers’ Day, I realized that this dashed dream of mine was actually an affirming tribute to her, its inspiration.

So I dug out the photos, scanned them, and tearfully explained to her how much I appreciate all the unpaid Mom-Jobs she cheerfully performed after she got home from her paying job.

To all the Moms out there:

Never doubt your career achievement!



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