Summer Salad / Pasta Primavera

Through a lifetime of potluck dinners I’ve found that most folks fall into warring camps when it comes to pasta salad (and potato salad):

  • There’s the Mayo versus Mustard factions …
  • and the Sweet versus Dill Relish factions.

I like to mix things up a bit by throwing them all into my Summer Salad / Pasta Primavera recipe.  It’s an unusual combination that has won over many former partisans.

When first prepared, the dish is hot so I call it Pasta Primavera.  Once chilled, it’s Summer Salad.  Although the ingredients are identical, the two dishes take on very different characters due to the way temperature affects flavors and the texture.  Either way, it tastes great.

And, best of all, it keeps well in the fridge so I can make a huge batch for a week of cool summertime lunches (or warm dinners).

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Lazy Mandarin Grilled Chicken Salad

One of my favorite lazy tricks is Tyson Grilled Chicken.  This recipe uses it and some Dole Fruit Bowls to transform a boring side salad into a restaurant-worthy main dish:  Mandarin Grilled Chicken Salad.

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Lazy Arroz con Pollo (Spanish Chicken & Rice)

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a lazy cook.  As I always say:

“Lazy or efficient?  It’s all in the eye of the beholder.”
~ So Says Sunny

One of my favorite lazy tricks is adding Tyson Grilled Chicken to Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides.  This dish uses their Spanish Rice Fiesta Sides.

This Arroz con Pollo recipe is an easy way to create one of our family favorites.

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Apple Juice Refresher

Apple Juice Refresher is hardly a recipe … more of a tip, actually.

When I was a toddler I didn’t like milk so my mom put watered-down apple juice in my bottle.

These days I mostly drink water … but sometimes you just want something a little juicier.

Apple Juice Refresher is a light and thirst-quenching drink, great for those hot summer days.

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