Career Day Tee: A Mothers’ Day Tribute

During my senior year at Agnes Scott College, the Career Center hosted a Halloween Career Costume Party.  The idea was to create a costume depicting yourself in your ideal career, with some humor and/or horror thrown in.

As an astrophysics and math major, I was tempted to dress as a mad professor with a lab coat, an Einstein-esque hairdo, and some soot from an apparent explosion.

But when I stopped to consider what my *ideal* future self would be doing, I had to drop the cliche and find a more creative way to reveal my inner dream: Continue reading

Industrial design by Art. Lebedev Studio

I stumbled across the coolest design site:

Industrial design by Art. Lebedev Studio

Not only are there lots of nifty designs,
they also show you the design process!

Power Pig

Pig-Shaped Power Strip

(for Russian-style electric plugs) Continue reading