Christmas Bread

We’ve all heard jokes about the awful fruitcake that gets re-gifted again and again, year after year.

Well, this ain’t your grandma’s fruitcake.

Sure, it has the fruitcake fruit and nuts … but Christmas Bread has a lighter bread batter that tones down the sticky sweetness of traditional fruitcake.  Try it once and it’ll quickly become an anxiously-awaited holiday treat.

This recipe was adapted from The Southern Hospitality Cookbook written by Winifred Green Cheney back in 1976 (~$6 incl. shipping, if bought used on Amazon).

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1-Minute Easy-as-Pie Recipe

Who has time to cook?

Why pay big bucks for a frozen pie that fills your freezer and has to be cooked in the big oven all at once?

This is an incredibly lazy, incredibly tasty pie recipe that literally anyone can make.

“Lazy or efficient?  It’s all in the eye of the beholder.”
~ So Says Sunny

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