Homemade Soup from a Can with Real Southern Cornbread

When the weather turns cold, Mom declares it to be “Soup Day”.

The date of Soup Day is not only dependent on the temperature but also on her mood so I keep the Homemade Soup from a Can & Real Southern Cornbread ingredients on hand from early fall.  One batch of soup can last all winter long because we store leftovers in the freezer, making fresh cornbread every 2-3 meals.

I consider the soup “homemade” because you can customize it to your liking.  The cornbread is “Southern” because it is salty, not sweet like Northern (Yankee) Cornbread.

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Lazy Shrimp Veggie Ramen

Ramen noodles are a classic lazy meal … but they’re not very good for you.  So, adapt that old college stand-by for your busy adult life!

If you have the time and skills to make plain-old ramen, you can make Shrimp Veggie Ramen … a healthier, more respectable lazy meal.

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