Ham, Cheese, and Rice Casserole

Back when I was a kid, my single mom got some meal plans from the US government for cooking healthy meals on a budget.  This Ham, Cheese, & Rice Casserole recipe was one of them.

This is a great way to use the random pieces left over from a Christmas ham.

This Christmas I bought a small Smithfield Spiral-Cut Honey-Glazed Ham (~$13).  The small end of the ham, chopped into bits, made up the meat in this recipe.

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Christmas Bread

We’ve all heard jokes about the awful fruitcake that gets re-gifted again and again, year after year.

Well, this ain’t your grandma’s fruitcake.

Sure, it has the fruitcake fruit and nuts … but Christmas Bread has a lighter bread batter that tones down the sticky sweetness of traditional fruitcake.  Try it once and it’ll quickly become an anxiously-awaited holiday treat.

This recipe was adapted from The Southern Hospitality Cookbook written by Winifred Green Cheney back in 1976 (~$4 incl. shipping, if bought used on Amazon).

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Meatloaf Burgers Recipe

Back when I was a kid, my single mom got some meal plans from the US government for cooking healthy meals on a budget.  I’m pretty sure this Meatloaf Burgers recipe was one of them.

It’s important to understand why meatloaf was invented.  The eggs and crackers helped stretch the ground beef, a practice that was crucial during hard times.  Though beef isn’t such a luxury these days, we can still benefit from reducing the amount of red meat in our diet.

But I love these meatloaf burgers because of the taste — They’re flavorful, super-juicy burgers with all the onions and Worcestershire sauce built-in.

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Mexican Mess / Micro Taco Recipe

I make a taco salad pasta dish I affectionately call Mexican Mess or Micro TacoI have no idea where the recipe came from.

The taco pasta is sort of like a Mexican-spiced Spaghetti with Meat Sauce … but once you add all the toppings, the similarity fades.

Stretching meat with pasta (or beans or tofu) has long been a strategy for poor folk (myself included) but it is also healthy by cutting red meat consumption.  And using whole wheat or fiber-fortified pasta makes the dish even more nutritious.

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Career Day Tee: A Mothers’ Day Tribute

During my senior year at Agnes Scott College, the Career Center hosted a Halloween Career Costume Party.  The idea was to create a costume depicting yourself in your ideal career, with some humor and/or horror thrown in.

As an astrophysics and math major, I was tempted to dress as a mad professor with a lab coat, an Einstein-esque hairdo, and some soot from an apparent explosion.

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